OFWs take on the fight for the “ST 72”

Middle East-based overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) has recently launched a petition denouncing the Arroyo regime’s continuing persecution of political dissenters as evidenced in the arbitrary arrest of 72 political activists in the Southern Tagalog region.

Initiated by Migrante Middle East, the petition read in part, thus:

We oppose and will act against the tyrannical hand of Arroyo regime victimizing activists, and warn the inclusion of migrant rights leaders and advocates to be victims of its tyrannical rule.

Overseas Filipino workers and their families cannot and could not remain silent in the midst of the continued repression and political persecution of peace-loving activists who have done nothing wrong but who have unselfishly offered their lives and time for the establishment of a just, democratic, and peaceful Philippines.

The series of reported cases of arbitrary arrest due to trumped up cases filed against activists from Southern Tagalog have reached to the information and concern of our overseas Filipino workers around the world.

It is really uplifting to learn that our kababayans overseas still cares about what’s happening right now in the country, particularly under this regime who violates peoples’ rights – left and right and  with impunity – just so they could cling on to power.

They give a new meaning to the phrase “bagong bayani” or modern day heroes.

For the Arroyo government,  they are “heroes” because it is their hard earned cash that is keeping this bankrupt economy from collapse. But for me, they are heroes because not even the oceans could stop them from doing their patriotic duty of working for a democratic, peaceful and just homeland.

I urge everyone, especially the OFWs to sign the OFW-initiated petition by clicking here. To learn more about the arbitrary arrests in Southern Tagalog, click here.