Feel-good stories

Early this week, Deputy Presidential Spokesman Anthony Golez implored the members of the media to come up with more ‘feel-good stories’ about Mrs. Gloria Arroyo in light of the global financial crisis.

“What our country needs today are feel-good stories, those that touch the heart,” he said in Filipino in an interview on dzRB radio.

Reached by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Golez said it was important “that the media show both the positive and negative stories, especially at this time of crisis when the media can be an instrument to unify our people.”

“What we need now is unity. We should unite to confront the same problem, which is the financial crisis,” Golez added in the phone interview.

But how the hell can the media report ‘feel-good stories’ if the Filipino people isn’t feeling good at all largely because of Arroyo’s skewed economic policies, unjust taxes and corrupt ways? In fact Filipinos feel ‘worse off now’ compared to last year, according to an independent poll.

Malacanang has gone this desperate and amateurish that they are demanding the impossible from the media. To borrow the Palace’s official heckler, DOJ Sec. Raul Gonzalez’s words, they are “squeezing blood from stone” with their request.

If Golez really wants to read positive stories in the papers, maybe he should convince his boss to step down or to consider early retirement instead.

Now this certainly is good news!