nogralesWhen I read today House Speaker Prospero Nograles’ remark that only members of Congress can decide on the fate of the charter change they so want to ram through our throats, I prayed that the ebola virus strain found recently on Philippine hogs infect only the kind of pork Congressmen like Nograles worship  – pork barrel.

“Only members of Congress can vote on these measures and they may possibly be influenced by the public outcry. But the demonstrations on the streets and its leaders cannot vote for or against Cha-cha [Charter change]. It’s the vote of congressmen and senators that will count. Not the streets,” Nograles said in a text message.

Not the streets? Nograles should be reminded that it is demonstrations in  the streets that catapulted his boss, Gloria Arroyo, to power – the one he and his like minded hogs in Congress wants to remain president forever.

It is the height of official arrogance and elitism for him to now claim that only Congressmen hold the sole authority to decide on issues , like cha-cha, that will affect the very lives of the Filipino people they are supposed to represent.

The cha-cha Nograles wants would not only extend Arroyo’s hold to power, it would also get rid of the very few patriotic provisions left in our charter like the ones disallowing total foreign ownership inside our soils. This is why people flatly rejects any moves to amend our constitution.

Nograles’ remark, however, shows how prostituted our present congress is. That they now  have ceased to become representatives of the people, boasting only of a constituency that comprises that of Arroyo, her family and a handful of others who desperately wants to cash in on Gloria’s illegitimate and unpopular rule.

Shame on you Noggy. I hope you catch ebola in your pork.