Summa Cum Laude

You lived and died with honor, Jennifer
Never mind those that think otherwise;
Those that had nothing but disgust on how you saw yourself
and how you lived your beautiful life…

Pay no heed to those that consider you far less important
than the lopsided ‘friendship’ that ultimately killed you,
that star spangled delusion that drives many
to even mock and disparage you, each time
the television flashes images of your once beautiful body,
now lying lifeless with your face shoved down the toilet.

Oh how they put you in disdain! You had it coming,
you were a transgender, a prostitute; so you, they had the gall to say,
deserved your gruesome end…

But you lived and died with honor,Jennifer
Dispense with those imbecilic insinuations,
ignore those bootlicking officials that is killing you many times over
every time they dismiss your murder as a humdrum occurrence,
inconsequential in the sphere of our nation’s ‘strong and enduring friendship’
to the land of your killer.

You’ll be passing on with highest honors Jennifer
You never died in vain
For you are now showing the world
that there’s no honor in blind servility,
in dogged subservience to a master,
that tramples, rapes, and massacres our collective dignity.

You deserve no less than justice.


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