Witness pins GMA, FG Mike Arroyo in 2007 election fraud

The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) presented this morning fifteen Election Officials in the Province of Maguindanao who were witness to alleged election irregularities during the 2007 Senatorial Elections in the Province.

Also presented was former Maguindanao Provincial Administrator Norie K. Unas, the right hand man of former Governor Datu Andal Ampatuan Sr. According to COMELEC Chairman Sixto Brillantes Jr., Unas was the one who “stage managed” and rigged the election results in the 2007 polls, upon the instruction from, said Brillantes, “the highest official of the land.”

Read part of COMELEC’s press release today:

“The 2007 elections in Maguindanao was marred by an absolute commission of fraud and irregularity,” said Brillantes, who with Department of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima and COMELEC Commissioner Elias R. Yusoph, led the press conference this morning at the poll body’s Main Office.

Unas and the fifteen Election Officials and personnel submitted their respective Affidavits before the COMELEC, detailing their knowledge in election irregularities in the 2007 polls.

In his Affidavit, Unas directly linked former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her spouse former First Gentleman Atty. Mike Arroyo in 2007 Maguindanao election fraud.

Unas, in his affidavit, said President Arroyo’s instruction to Datu Andal during a dinner meeting held at Malacanan Palace days before the 2007 elections was: “Dapat 12-0 sa Maguindanao, kahit pa ayusin o palitan niyo ang resulta.”

Unas also said that he was told by Gov. Datu Andal Ampatuan that, “Utos ni FG, kelangang 12-0 ang result sa Mguindanao… at kailangan walang makuhang boto si Cayetano.” He said this came after Ampatuan met with the former First Gentleman at the LTA Building in Makati. Unas accompanied Ampatuan during that meeting.

DOJ Secretary de Lima, for her part, cited the significance of Unas’ testimony, saying that “this is the first time that a witness has direct personal knowledge pointing to the first couple” as alleged perpetrators of election fraud. ###

Here’s Norie K. Unas

Norie K. Unas 

Download Unas’  Affidavit here.

The Election Officers and personnel from Maguindanao who were presented by the COMELEC today are:

  • Saliao Amba (Mamasapano town),
  • Maria Susan Albano (Datu Unsay town),
  • Nena Alid (Talayan),
  • Alice Lim (Pagagawan),
  • Susan Cabanban (General S.K. Pendatun),
  • Magsaysay Mohamad (Sultan sa Barongis),
  • Araw Cao (Mangudadatu),
  • Estellita Orbase (Shariff Aguak),
  • Jeehan Nur (Ampatuan),
  • Salonga Edzela (CVL Tech, Maguindanao),
  • Ragah Ayunan (Rajah Buayan),
  • Russam Mabang (Pandag),
  • Asuncion Reniedo (Paglat),
  • Rohaida Khalid (Datu Saudi), and
  • Norijean Hangkal (Guindulungan).

Photos from the COMELEC Education and Information Department