Mindy, Ellen’s housekeeper

“To review the Best Picture nominees, I called in an expert… my housekeeper, Mindy” – Ellen DeGeneres

A Filipina housekeeper is slowly becoming a household name in the US for her quirky reviews and funny roundup of the latest reality TV shows and movies. Mindy, Ellen DeGeneres’ Filipina house help, appears in the latter’s immensely popular talkshow in a segment called “Mindy’s Reality Roundup.”

In one of her segments, Mindy talked about Jersey Shore. She commented about the house being “messy” and said if she had a chance to be among the show’s cast, she would be cleaning the house instead of “mingling” with the characters.

“Hey guys, you have to clean your mess” Mindy said, and then laughs. She’s Ellen’s house help, after all!

The internet have been abuzz extolling Mindy for being “funny”, “sweet”, “adorable” and “hilarious”

The Definitely Filipino blog, said Mindy “is just one of the Filipinos who had appeared on Ellen’s show (remember Charice?). It is just a proof that we, Filipinos, have a really good sense of humor without even trying so hard!”

Reviews Inc. had this to say: I am sure if this show becomes a succes, we will be hearing more from Mindy, she might even have a say on things like term life insurance or how it is to be living with the famous Ellen Degeneres. I really have to give it to Mindy, she is so funny and her laugh is so contagious!

But not all are happy for this up and coming Pinay in the US.

On the Ellen DeGeneres Show’s Facebook page, one commented that Ellen “spoiled” her housekeeper. “I’d like to get her job too. Doing nothing, just watching all reality shows. Envvvvvvvvvvvvvy……..”

“Racist much? not all filipinos are maids,” blurted isawesomelike on youtube.

Fueling the stereotype?

I share the view of Mindy’s growing number of fans that this kabayan of ours is funny and adorable. I congratulate Mindy for making it to the Ellen DeGeneres show. She follows the footsteps of sensations Charice Pempenco and Arnel Pineda, who both reached international stardom after appearing in her employer’s hit show.

I fear, however, that Mindy’s segment in The Ellen DeGeneres Show could possibly stoke the stereotype that the Filipino race are all housekeeper and maids.

Remember the outrage generated by Filipinos worldwide when Hong Kong-based columnist  Chip Tsao insulted the Philippines as “nation of servants”?

Recall also that in 1998, a Greek dictionary defined “Filipineza” (Filipino lady) not only as a woman from the Philippines but also a “domestic worker from the Philippines or a person who performs non-essential auxiliary tasks”?

I can only hope that Filipinos wouldn’t be racially stereotyped as such, as Mindy captures the affection of the army of DeGeneres fans worldwide.

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