No time for Gloria

While Gloria Arroyo got repeated snubs from US President-elect Barack Obama, an eight year old Filipina girl living in Missouri is pen pals with the new leader of the “free world.”

Fourth grader Karina Encarnacion wrote Obama to suggest what type of dog he should give his two daughters once they move in to the White House. She also asked Obama if he could “make a law that requires everyone to recycle” and to “ban unnecessary wars.”

The young FIl-Am got the surprise of her life when Obama replied to her two-page handwritten letter.

“Creating change and making the world better is not always easy, and you will probably find in your life that it is more comfortable to ignore injustices that don’t affect you directly. Don’t take that comfortable road. Challenge yourself to make a difference,” Obama wrote.

“If you don’t already know what it means, I want you to look up the word ‘empathy’ in the dictionary. I believe we don’t have enough empathy in our world today, and it is up to your generation to change that.”

“I hope you will always be an active participant in the world around you, and that you will seize every opportunity to make the world better,” he added.

“Seeing young people like you who care about making things better inspires me and gives me great hope about the future of our country.”

Obama’s letter, which included an autographed picture that she requested, was sent to Karina’s home in Cedarbrook Lane, Kirkwood, Missouri.

Last June, Gloria Arroyo failed to meet then Presidential candidate Obama during her visit to the States. And when the news of an Obama win shook the entire world just recently, Arroyo tried calling the President-elect but only got to talk to a telephone operator.

Next week, Arroyo will again visit the US but again she won’t be seeing Obama. He’s got no time for her.

PS: I think Arroyo should also look up the word ’empathy’ in the dictionary.


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  1. amuy na amoy kasi ang tunay na intensyon ni madam eh. masangsang.

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