An OFW’s appeal from Saudi death row

“Life is the most important and sacred human right… The human blood is impermissible and nobody dares shed it… He who endangers the life of one person is considered to be endangering all mankind…”

Dear Sir / Ma’am

A greetings from Dammam Central Jail, Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia…

I, Mr. Rodelio Don2 Celestino Lanuza, 34, was incarcerated since
August year 2000 here in Dammam Central Jail. I was sentenced to die
in Public Execution by Beheading but was delayed and have to wait the
Aggrieved Children to reach their majority Age before the
implementation of the said sentenced…

I have the word of truth, my conscience is clean and God knows that im
just a victim of circumstances. Anyone will do the same what i have
done in case of any unexpected evil attack…

I have my wife and kids and families waiting for me…

For sure that you’re aware also of my unceasing solicitation because
of our present predicaments. My wife is working in Government Hospital
here in Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia but her meager salary is not
enough to sustain our daily needs…

Our Kids are getting grown and we are facing more difficulty that is
so hard for a single parents working with a meager salary to cope our

Im begging your kindness some financial assistance for our Kids
Welfare and their Education…

Im on Deathrow and have to face the 36″ Sword to decapitate my head
and i keep praying harder to God asking Him to give me a new lease of
life for my family who are waiting for me…

Im not a murderer. I came here in KSA to work hard for our living but
destiny put me here. Please help us…

Your kind help and utmost attention regarding this matter would really
be highly appreciated…

May Almighty God continue to bless you and your family…

More power po to you…

Brotherly yours
Don2 Lanuza
begging your help… Please help us..

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