Congress should investigate Starbucks

Seattle based coffee giant, Starbucks, is currently in hot water for allegedly wasting 2.4 million liters of water daily.

According to a study conducted by The Sun, the amount of water squandered by ten thousand Starbucks outlets worldwide could easily quench the thirst of more than two million people living in the drought-hit nation of Namibia.

The UK newspaper discovered that Starbucks outlets in  several UK cities; Los Angeles and New York in the US; Sidney, Austraila; Vienna, Austria; Beijing, China and in Cluj in Romania,  employs the “dipper well” system wherein their taps are purposely allowed to flow non-stop. Starbucks officials have confirmed this practice saying that they do so for hygienic purposes.

For a big corporation like the Starbucks, who in the past have boasted of having “established high standards for environmental responsibility,” it is galling to learn about the astonishing amount of water being flushed down the drain on their branches.

While this ‘great drain robbery’ is taking place all over the world, one out of every six people (1.1 billion) on the planet lacks access to safe drinking water. In Metro Manila, thousands of families still have no taps, not even toilets.

We have 149 Starbucks outlets in the country, the majority of which (129) can be found here in Metro Manila. Congress should immediately investigate whether these local Starbucks branches also practice the “dipper well” system. If they do, then they should compel them to turn-off their taps right away.

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