Sinophobia and the US Great Depression II

Now that the US financial machinery is on its knees and attempts to rescue it from further decay by the Bush administration has gone kaput; I expect the international campaign to discredit China and its products would certainly climb a notch higher. And that’s a picnic compared to a host of other worst case scenarios that could happen in the wake of the US financial catastrophe.

I say ‘campaign’ because that is what it is – a campaign orchestrated by world bullies, led by the United States, because it has apparently grown threatened to China’s arrival as an economic power.

The campaign seems to be working for them that the world now is slowly catching Sinophobia with the flurry of advisories and massive recall orders from governments worldwide – on US’ prodding of course – of Chinese products that range from toys, to candies, food and now, milk.

Naturally, the scare wouldn’t be limited to the goods above that has been exposed to the world to be ‘tainted,’ ‘toxic’ and ‘poisonous’; it of course, extends to all things made in China. And this is the US’ ultimate objective.

(Need I mention the beating China got for its ‘gruesome’ human rights record in the run up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics? Consider the international hype that it got compared to what the US drew in its continuing crimes against humanity against the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Philippines and elsewhere.)

Why China?

China has the potential to surpass the US as the world’s largest economy in twenty years, this according to Oded Shenkar in his book The Chinese Century: The Rising Chinese Economy and its Impact on the Global Economy, The Balance of Power, and Your Job.

“China has what it takes to challenge the U.S. economy to a greater extent than did Japan, or any other country ever has,” said Shenkar who is also a professor of management and human resources at Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business.

At the rate China is going, Shenkar said it is undoubtedly on the course of outdoing US in two decades time. China-based factories, according to him, makes 70% of the world’s toys, 60% of the world’s bicycles, half its shoes and one-third of the world’s luggage.

Add to this, China now has the technological expertise (thanks to Western companies that had set up shop there in a bid to capture its vast market) and manufacturing capability that are now at par with the world’s best.

This is the reason why I think it is the US who is behind this orchestrated offensive to discredit China. They are afraid of them.


And then there could be another war. Because for the US, war is its ultimate economic “bail-out plan.”

Professor Jose Maria Sison explains it best:

“The gravity of the economic and financial crisis of the world capitalist system is such that we can expect the worsening and sharpening of contradictions between the imperialist countries and the oppressed peoples and nations, between the imperialist countries and certain countries that invoke national independence, among the imperialist powers themselves and between the monopoly bourgeoisie and the working class in the imperialist countries”

He continues:

“The imperialist powers collude with each other against the oppressed peoples and nations in general. But they compete with each other for sources of cheap raw materials, markets, fields of investment and spheres of influence. As a result of the full restoration of capitalism in former revisionist-ruled countries, imperialist countries competing with each other and seeking to redivide the world have increased in number. The world has become more cramped than ever for the competitions and rivalries of the imperialist powers.”

There you go.

Good thing Lenin warned us all of imperialism’s parasitism and inevitable decay in his 1916 pamphlet entitled “Imprerialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism.”

He pointed out what we, most especially the workers, should do:

“develop the workers’ revolutionary consciousness, rally them in the international revolutionary struggle, promote and encourage any revolutionary action, and do everything possible to turn the imperialist war between the peoples into a civil war of the oppressed classes against the oppressors, a war for the expropriation of the class of capitalists, for the conquest of political power by the proletariat, and the realization of socialism.”