Arroyo pulling Moro peoples’ legs

When President Arroyo announced that she was in favor of postponing the scheduled automated elections in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) next month, she was trying to trick the Moro people.

Why? Because postponing the polls at this point in time, i think, is next to impossible. First and foremost, the elections in ARMM is mandated by law, so only through legislative intervention can we call off the scheduled polls and not just through a mere say-so of the President. Given that Congress resumes session in July 28 and the elections is in August 11, can our legislators (note that both houses of congress must agree) hammer out a law in just fourteen days? I don’t think so.

Even if Arroyo controls the majority of the lower house and that though we have seen before that what she wants, congress delivers; the chances of a law calling for the deferment of the ARMM polls passing the opposition dominated Senate is pretty much dim.

This is why I think the President is trying to deceive the people of Mindanao most especially the Moro Islamic Liberation Front who had earlier called for the deferment of the ARMM elections saying that pushing through with it would have a bearing with their current peace talks.

Arroyo is resorting to hoodwinking the people these days just to earn brownie points in time for her SONA on July 28. Let’s just hope that our MILF brothers wouldn’t feel insulted enough to abandon their peace talks with the government when the ARMM polls proceeded as scheduled.

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