Outraged over Oil Price Hikes

I couldn’t help but feel outraged over the statements made by one oil company who made the public choose among the two: deal with a single blow of oil price hike or endure weekly increases.

“Mahirap yung ginagawa namin, sinu-suspense pa namin. Alam naman po natin kung magkano dapat ang itataas ng presyo ng fuel. Ngayon inuutal-utal natin, nagkakaroon lamang ng tension. So kailangang harapin ang katotohanan para malaman kung ano at para makapagprepara,” Flying V Chair Ramon Villavicencio told ABS-CBN News online.

But what infuriated me more was Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Angelo Reyes’ reaction. He said, a single price hike could serve as a “wake up” call for people to start saving fuel, thus betraying the government’s pro-oil cartel stance.

“Kung one blow, immediately one impact, oops, everybody will wake up,” Reyes said.

The one-shot price hike, analysts say, could make oil prices jump up to as much as P10 per liter, making the price of diesel increase to P64 per liter.

The long and short of it, oil companies and the DOE are practically asking us if we prefer a slow and agonizing death over a quick one.

I choose none.

Oil price hikes should be halted, period. Moreover, the Oil Deragulation Law must be scrapped immediately so that the public may be liberated from the unjust price increases in oil.