Noah’s Ark for Gloria’s survival

President Gloria Arroyo and her allies are officially on campaign mode. And with the Palace’s proposed P316 billion in dole-outs until 2010, one need not be a rocket scientist to figure out the following:

  • That the funds would be the biggest campaign kitty of any party ever. Note that the administration has already merged LAKAS and KAMPI to form what Arroyo called a ‘colossus’ of a political party for the 2010 Presidential elections.
  • That with the massive dole-outs, the administration is gearing up for the biggest vote buying spree in Philippine political history.

This is why the Palace designed ‘Noah’s Ark’ only hopes to save, not the starving Filipinos, but Gloria Arroyo and the status quo.

The Arroyo regime is dreaming of a submissive citizenry who eats off their hands so — if all else fails — they can ram the dreaded Cha-Cha train through the people’s throats.



Ramdam ang Kaunlaran?

The consecutive cases of baby killings (one thrown out of a building, one off a taxicab) underscore the extreme poverty gripping the country today.

This is one of the reasons why Gloria’s “Ramdam ang Kaunlaran” propaganda rings hollow to the Filipino masses.


Poor Isnaji

The recent slapping of kidnapping charges against Indanan Mayor Alvarez Isnaji and son Haider reeks of political maneuvering. Isnaji is the biggest rival of administration candidate Zaldy Ampatuan for the gubernatorial post in the coming ARMM elections, and the regime couldn’t afford to give up this juicy position to anyone especially to a former leader of the MNLF.

Poor Isnaji, he must have thought he stood to gain millions of political points after he was chosen to be the chief negotiator for the release of Ces Drilon and crew. But apparently, administration stalwarts still are bigger politicos than he is.



  1. ganoon naman tayo. lahat ng naiisip na programa ng administrasyon, di pa man napatutupad, ay binabahiran na natin ng pulitika.
    eh kung kayo kaya ang lumikha ng ganitong mga problema para alang masabi sa inyo.

  2. salamat sa pagbisita eduardo…

    ang problema kasi, masyado nang tainted ang record ng administrasyon.

    Sobrang dami nang baho ang nabulgar at napatunayan; at hindi kasalanan ng sinuman ang mag-isip na mauuwi lamang sa pulitika ang bilyon bilyong pondong ito dahil na rin sa maduming record ng gubyerno.

    Mainam nga may pumupuna, diba?

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