Passing the stupidity meter


Proposals that are churned out by government agencies seem to become stupider and stupider by the day. 


An example of one brainless measure is the proposed imposition of psychological tests for all United Arab Emirates (UAE) – bound overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). A brainchild of RP Ambassador to UAE Benito Valeriano, he said he wants rigid psych tests imposed to determine whether an OFW can withstand the rigors of overseas work. He added that this would lessen the abuse and violations they face on the job.


If Amba. Valeriano cared enough to go out of his air-conditioned office in Dubai to personally see the conditions of OFWs most especially the domestic workers in his jurisdiction; he could have realized that not even an aced psych test can ever prepare an OFW from the most inhuman treatment and cruel conditions. I say Valeriano should take a psych test, pass it, and work as a domestic helper in order for him to comprehend how stupid his proposal was.


Malacañang’s proposal of a “no uniform” policy for public school students also passes my stupidity meter. The one who came out of this idea must be hallucinating if he thinks this would actually bring down a family’s spending on school clothes this coming school year. School uniforms are ordinarily worn twice or even thrice by students (I know of someone during my high school days who wears his for a week). But if we are to have a no uniform policy, parents would have to shell out more money to buy clothes for their children. Also, this would encourage absenteeism among school kids especially the poor ones as they would likely end up staying home to avoid being ridiculed in school because of wearing old clothes compared to the ones sported by their well to do classmates.


And lastly, the government’s plan to test the country’s call center employees for sexually transmitted diseases. Of all the recent dim-witted measures mulled by this government, this I think definitely takes the cake. Because of this, the government is basically fuelling  the unjust stereotype that call center agents are a careless, unthinking and irresponsible lot when it comes to their sex life.


So now, who do you think deserves the psych tests?



  1. i would like to ask the writer who commented on valeriano’s proposal 2 questions: is he familiar with valeriano’s work ethics ? does he have a better solution / proposal in the ofw screening process ?

  2. I appreciate your comment d marshall.

    I dont know Valeriano nor his work ethics but I know his proposal to conduct psych tests for all UAE bound OFWs will not solve anything.

    And yes, I have a “better solution.” For the short term, Valeriano could work on improving the onsite protection for all OFWs there. The embassy should immediately respond to the distress calls made by our OFWs, especially the DHs, and rescue them from their abusive employers. I know of many stories that instead of rescuing our abused, maltreated or raped OFWs in UAE, the embassy convinces them to return to their employers.

    And more importantly, the only solution that will truly address human rights violations among our OFWs is for the government to provide long term and viable jobs here in the country. That way, Filipinos wont be forced to go abroad.

    I hope I answered your question.

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