A nation held hostage

In a matter of weeks, I wouldn’t be surprised if I see Gloria Arroyo on nationwide television announcing a food crisis in the country. She has to do this in order to justify the implementation of a state of national emergency.

With rice supplies dwindling and its price going nowhere but up, looting and riots breaking out in several parts of the country (similar to what’s happening right now in Haiti) would be a given. The possibility of National Food Authority (NFA) warehouses nationwide ransacked by hungry and angry mobs in a matter of days or weeks are high. Expect rallies and demonstrations to be bigger and angrier. This will culminate in a mammoth demonstration in July for Gloria’s Sate of the Nation Address (SONA).

Come SONA, the real state of the nation can be seen outside of the Batasan (where Gloria will be delivering her speech). There, waves of poor and hungry Filipinos are converged, banging empty pots and pans in hunger and anger.

In short, the nation is indeed on the verge of revolt. So expect drastic measures from the iron lady in Malacanang.

On the other hand, the rice crisis in the country can be exploited by the Arroyo regime to hold the nation hostage. Commercial rice, which sells P30 above a kilo, is no longer an option for the Filipino majority. I wouldn’t be surprised if the government, who’s the biggest hoarder of the now prime commodity that is the NFA rice, would use its horde of relatively affordable rice to dissuade the masses from taking action.

Headlines on May 1:

“Rice is Arroyo’s Labor day gift”

“Arroyo orders rice distribution in communities on Labor Day”

“Militants: GMA’s rice distribution order, a ploy to discourage people from joining Labor Day rally”

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