DOLE issues call center guidelines

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has successfully managed to cash-in on the booming call center industry in the country through Department Circular No. 1, series of 2008 which outlines policy guidelines governing the occupational safety and health of call center employees.

Not that I am opposed to ensuring the health and well being of the country’s kolboys and kolgels (my girlfriend is one), but I think this move from the labor department is nothing but a scheme to squeeze more money out of our overworked, sleep deprived, call center workers.

If we are to carefully examine the DOLE’s guidelines, they are requiring all call centers to have their employees undergo trainings in line with the DOLE’s Occupational Safety and Health Center’s “Zero Accident Program.” They said they will enforce and monitor the compliance of call centers to the guidelines through the DOLE Regional Offices’ Labor Inspectorate.

The problem here is that it is the poor employee who’ll shoulder the training costs, an added burden for them who are already heavily taxed by this corrupt and morally bankrupt government.

Aside from this, the DOLE’s imposition of yet another layer of training is very unnecessary. I heard, most of the call centers provide medical insurance to their employees and this is on top of their other health programs.

My forecast:

Call center agents would certainly bawl at this latest extortion scheme by the government. I won’t be surprised if I see more and more politicized call center agents from Makati and Ortigas joining anti-Arroyo rallies in the near future. Now that’s a sight!


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