Signs of the times

Consider these very worrisome events:

  1. United States Ambassador Kristy Kenney’s unexpected visit to the main lair of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) to meet with its Chairman Murad Ebrahim last February 19, 2007.
  2. Apparently buoyed up (maybe after the Kenney visit), the MILF issued a strong statement calling on Malacanang to stop issuing mining permits in the ‘Bangsamoro land’ pending the outcome of the peace talks. All pending applications for permits should be ‘freezed’, they said.
  3. Just days ago, the MILF also issued a statement that they are ready for war with the government should it fail to give them ‘freedom and justice according to Islam’. They said their young ‘mujahideens’ are prepared and willing to return to war.
  4. Central Committee members of the Chinese Communist Party visited the Philippines while the country is embroiled in a political crisis stemming from the highly anomalous national broadband deal with the Chinese ZTE Corp. and of late, the ‘treasonous’ Spratly deal.
  5. House Committee on Foreign Affairs Rep. Antonio Cuenco came out on public saying that the Chinese are pressuring Congress to drop the Baseline bill which seeks to determine the territorial boundaries of the Philippines. The Chinese said the bill could affect the peace in the disputed Spratly islands.
  6. And while the top CPC leaders are in town, Malacanang issues a statement urging Congress to pass the Baseline bill despite the protest from Beijing.

Could it be that the US has gone displeased of this regime because of its developing closeness towards the Chinese? Talks abound that the Arroyo government chose to surrender our territorial integrity and sovereignty (Spratly claim) in exchange for the billions in loan packages from China (NBN-ZTE deal is just one of the many).

And now that China-RP relations are on the brink because of the Senate investigations and political rallies, could it be that the Arroyo regime is waving the white flag to the US by ordering the pro-Arroyo Congress to pass the Baseline bill? Are they telling the US na “we are backing-off the Chinese”? Or could it be that they are only bluffing? But who’s the target of the bluff, the Chinese or the Americans?

Ewan, wala kasi ako magawa ngayon. Pero nakakatakot ang mga pangyayaring ito.


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