A call to all US based Pacquiao fans

We all know by now that our prized fighter Manny Pacquiao is all set to slug out his “unfinished business” with Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez on March 15 in Las Vegas. And, we also know that thousands of kababayans – with a sprinkle of Filipino politicians of course – will surely troop to the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino to witness the fight live.

Now here’s an idea. If you’re a Filipino and you are going to be there among the throngs of Filipino fans to cheer for our “Pambansang Kamao,” why not bring along with you placards and streamers that call for the truth behind the stinking NBN-ZTE deal and the resignation or ouster of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo?

And aside from the usual “Go Manny!” chants, why not fill the jam packed arena with Oust Gloria calls?

I am sure your calls would certainly reverberate in the entire Philippines whose lives usually grinds to a halt every time Pacquiao does his thing in the boxing ring. But it would ring loudest within the heavily guarded Malacanang Palace.

This impressive display of unity among Filipinos would show the whole world that even our overseas based compatriots are fed up of being lied at and duped time and again by the corrupt and morally bankrupt Arroyo regime. It would also show that the Filipino peoples’ demand for Arroyo’s resignation or ouster has gone international.

I wonder how the First Gentleman and his entourage of politicians with deep pockets would react if they were in the same arena hearing the loud anti-Arroyo and pro-truth chants of Filipinos in the fight venue.


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