Joe de Venecia could be Gloria’s Chavit

The successful maneuver of the Arroyo regime to demolish what ever is left of Jose de Venecia’s political career by removing him from the ruling party Lakas’ top-post, should once and for all push de Venecia to spill the beans.

The former Speaker certainly holds a lot of first-hand knowledge in all the shady dealings and transactions of the government; the massive fraud that occurred during the 2004 elections; the flow of grease money to buy out Congressmen in order to kill successive impeachment cases against Arroyo and of late, the treasonous Spratlys deal.

Surely, with what he knows, de Venecia can finally pin down GMA. This is why, I am calling on our Senators to summon Joe de V to the Senate and have him tell all that he knows. After all, it would be a golden opportunity for him to settle his scores with the ‘vindictive’ Arroyo family.

Now’s your chance Joe. Spill the beans.


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