Telling signs of the Arroyo presidency’s end of days

Rodel Molina in his letter published in today’s issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer said that I am “asking the most impossible thing from Mrs. Arroyo” when I called for her resignation from the Presidency out of ‘delicadeza.’

Mr. Molina even suggested that I drop the idea because it’s like “asking a crazy and hungry dog to stay away from a plate of dog food.”

I agree with most of what he wrote such as Arroyo having no ‘delicadeza’ on her bone and that she really is bent on clinging to power no matter what. I also do share his thoughts that Mrs. Arroyo is acting like a “crazy and hungry dog” with what she and her accomplices has resorted to carrying out – with impunity – such as extra judicial murders, kidnapping, bribery, gagging her cabinet through EO 464, blocking protesters from the provinces etc just to grab hold to the presidency.

But I take strong exception to his statement that Arroyo’s resignation or ouster is an “impossible dream” because it is not. I hate to break Mr. Molino’s heart, but it is bound to happen.

If Mr. Molina cared enough to watch or read the news these past few days, he could have realized that it is not only me that is asking for Mrs. Arroyo’s resignation. Almost a hundred thousand has gathered in Makati last Friday demanding the same. A recent Pulse Asia survey even showed that 69% of Metro Manila residents are supportive of the protest actions for Arroyo’s resignation. And last January, Ibon Foundation has reported that eight out of 10 Filipinos want Arroyo to step down and that most Filipinos believe she is the “most corrupt President in the history of the Philippines.” Even Arroyo’s closest of allies have resorted to calling her names such as “evil” and “lucky bitch.”

These are telling signs of the Arroyo presidency’s end of days and apparently, it is no way near impossible.


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