Bagong Bayani Ayaw kay Gloria (BABAY GLORIA)

OFWs please read and sign the BABAY GLORIA online petition. Kindly circulate.



To: President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

We, the undersigned overseas Filipinos, their relatives and supporters, call on Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to step down.

We have had enough of seven years of your administration’s high-level corruption, gross human rights violations, political killings, abductions, electoral fraud, artificial economic development and subservience to foreign interests.

We have had enough of your policy to export and commodify our labor, your extortion and criminal neglect of migrant workers and their families.

We have had enough of your cover-ups and gangsterism.

The recent revelation by Jun Lozada about the anomalous NBN-ZTE deal is but the latest in a long line of corruption cases hounding your administration. Recent surveys show that 8 out 10 Filipinos want you to step down (IBON, January 2008) and that most Filipinos believe you are the “most corrupt President in the history of the Philippines” (Pulse Asia, October 2007).

Through your billion peso kickbacks, you essentially steal food away from our families’ plates, rob our children’s access to quality education, deprive our sick adequate public health care and withhold from migrants the urgent welfare services we need.

Given our recent victories to save the life of Marilou Ranario and for the temporary suspension of the POEA MC 04 Guidelines on Direct Hiring, we are confident that when overseas Filipinos and their families unite, much can be achieved.

As such, in line with CBCP President Angel Lagdameo’s call for “communal action” and recalling the spirit of EDSA I and EDSA II, we commit to again rise up to the challenge of booting yet another corrupt and dictatorial President out of office.

As the country’s “bagong bayani” or modern-day heroes, we deplore how your administration intensifies its reliance on our remittances to prop up your bankrupt economy.

Enough of your affronts to our dignity. Enough of your violations against our rights and welfare. Enough of your lies to the people.

Tama na! Sobrang-sobra na! Tapusin na! Babay Gloria!

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  1. The many scandals in which your government has been involved in, plus the poorly orchestrated cover up about the truth regarding the ZTE deal is more than enough reason for you to step down now.

    But since you are way beyond redemption anyway, I suggest that you enjoy every second left in your tenure as President(the Office which you have blatantly stolen) and ready yourself for the coming storm headed at you called “people power”!!

    YOu may say that Filipinos are tired of going to the streets, you may even claim that it is because of you why the Philippines is havong a “good economy”. Shame on you!!! Most Filipinos know the truth, and no matter how you twist it to suit your own version, it is clear. It is not you but the millions of OFWs who are really the reason why our economy is doing good.

    The clock is ticking Gloria…. tick,tock,tick,tock… pretty soon the bells will chime and you better get ready for your date with the grim reaper.

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