Send those GIs packing!

Another Filipina raped by a US serviceman. Why the Philippine Government is still on an as-if-nothing-has-happened mode (the Balikatan exercises is still on-going and not at least suspended or halted altogether) escapes me.

I dare Malacanang or the DFA to at least summon the US Ambassador or the highest US Military official who is currently here in the Philippines and have them, at the very least, explain and give them a brief on the US military’s investigation on the alleged rape.

Having a  military exercises participated by more than 6,000 US troops in the Southern Philippines while at the same time knowing that a Filipina was raped and stripped off her dignities by a US soldier in Japan, is like being raped twice over.

I say send those GIs packing immediately! Let’s see how will Gloria handle this ‘US-RP relationship smashing’ situation.

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