“Vindictive”, “Evil”

After threatening big business groups in the country that it will ‘let loose’ tax investigators upon them in retaliation to the Makati Business Club’s call for Sec. Romulo Neri and Sec. Lito Atienza to resign; now it’s the Church’s turn to face the Arroyo regime’s vindictiveness.

Just today, newly installed (through a palace instigated coup) House Speaker Prospero Nograles floated the idea of scrapping the tax privileges enjoyed by the Church and other religious institutions that, he said, are engaging in politics.

This move is nothing but a desperate attempt to silence the Catholic Church whose prominent bishops lately has voiced out strong statements against the rampant corruption in government and the urgent need for a “new brand of people power”.

Nograles is mistaken if he thinks this scare tactic would intimidate the Catholic Church. Instead it will further galvanize their resolve to take action, if not lead their flock, against the “evil” Arroyo government.

Anti-Arroyo groups should thank Nograles for this dim-witted statement if the turn out for Monday’s EDSA I Anniversary Rally and the Interfaith Rally on February 29 would double compared to the last one in Makati.

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