I have to give it to DOTC Asec. Lorenzo Formoso III. When everybody else is distancing themselves and denying to high heavens their involvement in the graft-ridden ZTE-NBN deal, here’s Formoso publicly saying that he and 15 others like him are the ones ‘in the loop,’ involved in the negotiations and not Lozada.

Boy I do hope this guy knows what he’s doing, or at the very least, he’s included ‘in the loop’ of government officials who are paid huge sums just to ‘stick it out’ and defend the President and the first family in this crisis no matter what.

I think this Formoso is just an over-eager puppy that is trying too damn hard to please his boss. Somebody should remind this fellow that not even Sec. Romulo Neri has issued any statement that Lozada was never involved in the negotiations. He even corroborated some, though not all, of Lozada’s testimonies. Remember his unforgettable instruction to Lozada to ‘moderate their greed’?

Even Abalos admitted that he has met with Lozada in some of those meetings.

Maybe you are the one who’s ‘not in the loop’ Formoso. At least in the ‘dysfunctional’ set-up in government where people like your boss Larry Mendoza, Ben Abalos, Romulo Neri and FG Mike Arroyo, pocket billions of pesos worth of kickbacks in negotiations that you and your 15 colleagues will never invited to attend.


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