Who’ll take one for the (GMA) team?

Last friday, I wrote about the possibility that the administration led probes (Ombudsman & DOJ) are only meant either to shield Malacanang from any accountability in the raging NBN-ZTE deal – (note that Merceditas Guttierez of the Office of the Ombudsman is a former classmate of the First Gentleman and of course ang walang kamatayang Justice Sec. Raul Gonzales of the DOJ, aah si Gonzales. Tsk tsk, kayo na bahala) and to provide implicated Arroyo aides a friendlier venue for them to tell their lies to the public. Also, it could only be nothing but a ploy to pin down somebody from among the top administration biggies that was implicated in the scandal who will ‘take one for the team’ so to speak.

Well lo and behold, Gen. Razon, who was firm in saying in past interviews and even in the Senate that it was the Lozada family who requested the PNP to “secure” Jun Lozada when he arrived from HK last Feb 5 (with affidavits and letters to boot), is now saying that it was Lito Atienza not the Lozadas that requested for “security”.

Wait a minute, why the sudden turn-around in their poorly woven script? Could it be that Atienza is the one chosen by the powers that be to ‘take one for the team’ at least on the abduction issue? I didnt see this one coming, I thought it would be Gen. Razon.


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