Again, the NPC

News that the National Press Club (NPC) was planning to file charges against the security forces that harassed, handcuffed and detained several media practitioners covering the botched Magdalo coup last Thursday, made me laugh.

Not because the overkill on the part of the pro-administration forces were justified, but because this latest NPC yarn reveals its desperation to redeem itself from the uproar it caused when it defiled a press freedom mural just to satisfy its patron – Gloria Arroyo.

Apparently, the NPC wants us now to believe that they do defend the freedom of the press. But sadly, their latest spin isn’t that convincing. It is pathetic.

If the NPC really upholds press freedom, they should first apologize to the Angono Artists whose mural they bastardized. Also, the NPC should take a strong stand and denounce the systematic killing of journalists and activists nationwide since Arroyo ascended to power in 2001.

Absent all this, even if they push through with their publicity stunt in the Commission on Human Rights, the NPC will still remain to be the discredited organization that it is.