Erap has been weighed, and he was found guilty. Remember?

The Arroyo administration is on the horns of a dilemma with regard to the looming Erap verdict. And it is evident in the recent paid-ads that came out recently. 

As I see it, the ads are nothing but a patented Arroyo-style trial balloon meant to test the people’s reaction on the outcome of the Estrada plunder trial, be it an acquittal or a conviction.  It is a calculated move by a tottering regime that is so afraid of the people.  

The Estrada camp is correct when it lambasted the ads as a move by the Arroyo administration to condition the minds of the public of a looming guilty verdict for the deposed President. But for me, the people need not be divided on the issue.  

Last I heard, the Erap verdict was handed down on EDSA II by no less than the Filipino people, and he was found guilty for his crimes.   

The Arroyo administration in a ‘lose-lose situation’ on the Erap verdict? That’s their problem, not ours.  

But, speaking as among those who bravely marched towards the Malacanang Palace on the last day of EDSA II, I really want Erap to pay dearly for his plundering ways, and I hope the Sandiganbayan does also.  

So long as Arroyo suffers the same fate as Erap’s for surpassing his (even Marcos’) record of plunder and human rights violations.

She should face the axe also.

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