Islas de los Ladrones (The islands of thieves)

Friends from Filipino organizations in South Korea have related to me that the shoplifting diplomat caught in the act of stealing a music player and a bottle of perfume at a US base duty free store is no other than RP Ambassador to South Korea Susan Castrence. They told me that ‘reliable sources’ from inside the embassy have confirmed to them that it was indeed Castrence who did the scandalous deed.  

Although the embattled diplomat has came out recently to deny the charges against her as ‘unfounded’ and that the Department of Foreign Affairs has came to Castrence’s rescue, I cant help but wonder why the issue was kept under wraps for quite a long time (I understand that the shameful deed was done sometime in November but it came out in public barely two weeks ago) and why the hell did Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto Romulo found it necessary to meet with the US base’s Deputy Chief of Staff in the sidelines of his recent Korea trip? Are they trying to hide something? 

Have we really become a nation of thieves? We have a President who stole and killed her way into office, a Commission on Elections riddled with accusations of vote rigging, a Congressional Commission on Appointments who extort money from Cabinet members in exchange for their confirmation…

And now, shoplifting envoys.  



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  1. i think ms. susan castrence can’t do it… i’d met her and she exudes an aura of honesty and sincerity.

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